Enmarcolda S.A. provides trucking, terminal handling and maritime logistics services for the mango industry in Haiti

Haiti is the 10th largest exporter of mangoes in the world. In 2011 USAID estimated that Haiti exported more than 22 million mangos with an estimated value of more than $20,000,000.

Mangoes are produced in different regions of the island, thanks to its diversity of microclimates. Haiti is able to produce mangoes almost all year round. Over 140 varieties of mangoes have been identified, but the Madame Francique is the only one currently being exported fresh. The export of the Madame Francique mango is one of the major success stories of agriculture in Haiti.

The key to a successful mango industry is logistics. Today 80% of the mangoss exported from Haiti are handled by Enmarcolda S.A. logistics organization. Providing trucking, terminal handling and ocean freight services to the mango industry for more than 20 years, Enmarcolda S.A.’s experience and expertise is now part of the fabric of the Haitian mango industry’s future growth plans.

The management team of Enmarcolda S.A. has been working closely with Association Nationale des Exportateurs de Mangues (ANEM) for more than 20 years. Today, in addition to trucking, terminal handling and maritime logistics, Enmarcolda S.A. is directly involved in creating the future strategies with the mango industry in Haiti.