Salvage Response & Support

Enmarcolda provides rescue, salvage response and support services to the region. Here is a recent example of a situation encompassing such services being delivered by Enmarcolda.

Enmarcolda was appointed as Agents in Haiti by Resolve Salvage & Fire (Americas), Inc. / Resolve Marine Group Inc. to obtain all the necessary documentation from the Haitian government to use Port-au-Prince as a port of refuge for the M/V Seagate. Enmarcolda is also involved in the daily operations to ensure that the salvage operations of M/V Seagate are safe and successful.

The M/V Seagate had an accident with another ship off the North coast of Haiti in March 2012 and she had to be towed to Port-au-Prince as a Port of refuge for repairs and avoid any type of additional oil spills. She also has 27,000 M/T of wheat that needed to be transferred to another ship that came alongside in the bay of Port-au-Prince about 2 miles out. While the Ship is in Haitian territorial waters, we have to make sure that all the necessary measures are taken for pollution prevention and clean up. An operation like this  takes several months to complete.