Wilhelm E. Lemke / Board President & CEO


Wilhelm has over 30-years of active experience in transportation and logistics.

He is a Member of the Board of Dade Sky Trading Corporation (Miami, Florida), a global procurement company.

Wilhelm has always been very active in the social and business communities; he currently serves on the Boards of Directors of the following professional associations:

  • ADIH (Haiti Association of Industries), Member
  • AHZOF (Haiti Free Zone Association), Member
  • AMARH (Haiti Maritime Association), Member and Past President
  • CCAH (Haiti Chamber of Mediation & Arbitration), Vice-President
  • CTMO – Hope Commission, Member
  • PPPSM – Partenariat Pour la Promotion de la Paix a Saint-Martin, Member

He is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business (University of Pennsylvania) Class of ‘75, with a Bachelor of Science in Economics.

He is a former Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Union School, a US-accredited elementary and secondary education institution with a diverse student body and teaching staff.

He formerly owned and operated Qualidata S.A., a coupon-sorting & processing facility for International Data, LLC., with a staff of over 400 employees.

He is the co-Founder of Geotechsol, a company providing precise geotechnical engineering and testing services to the construction industry with a full-service soils analysis lab and materials testing capabilities.

Wilhelm is happily married since 1977 to Genevieve d’Adesky Lemke. They are proud parents of three sons, a daughter and four grand-daughters.

Jeffrey d’Adesky / Board Vice-President & COO


Jeffrey has 25 years of active experience in transportation & logistics.

He is also a Member of the Board of d’Adesky Import-Export S.A., an import-distribution company, and Dade Sky Trading Corporation (Miami, Fl.), a global procurement company.

He owned and operated  Caribbean Apparel Manufacturing S.A. (CAMSA) a textile assembly facility, with a staff of over 1200 employees, which also contract-sewed for Hanes.

He is responsible for managing and providing technical logistics support  for an 80,000 sq. ft. central food commodity warehouse for World Food Programme and USAID PL-480 Title II program with over 500,000 beneficiaries in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Jeffrey graduated from Miami Dade Community College in 1982.

Jeffrey is happily married since 1990 to Janna Theophile d’Adesky, and they are the proud parents of a son and two daughters.

Genevieve d’Adesky Lemke / Board Secretary-Treasurer


Genevieve is a successful business woman who was the Executive Assistant of Lionel S. d’Adesky, Founder of ENMARCOLDA S.A., d’Adesky Import Export S.A., Laiterie Nationale S.A., Wahoo Bay Beach Hotel and Resort.

She has over 30 years of experience in Rental Property Management and is currently the owner-operator of Wahoo Bay Beach Hotel and Resort.

Genevieve is the Secretary-Treasurer of the Board of Directors of ENMARCOLDA S.A., and a Member of the Board of d’Adesky Import Export S.A. and Dade Sky Trading Corp..

Genevieve is very active in the Haitian business and social community with:

  • 25 + years as Member of the Union School PTA (Parent-Teachers Association)
  • 30 + years as Member of USAA (Union School Alumni Association)
  • 10 + years as Member of ATH (Association Touristique d’Haiti – Haiti Tourism Association)
  • 3 + years as Member of the CRCA (Conseil Régional des Hotels de la Côte des Arcadins)

Genevieve graduated in 1975 from Ecole LEMANIA in Lausanne, Switzerland and was a Member of the Association des Secretaires Européennes, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Michael Lemke / General Manager


Michael is the second Son of Wilhelm and Genevieve Lemke.

He is the first of the third generation family members to be working at ENMARCOLDA S.A..

Michael joined the family business after working with Dade Sky Trading Corporation for two years in Miami, Florida, and for three years with Crowley Maritime Services in Port Everglades, Florida.

Michael is a graduate of Florida International University (FIU), Class of 2002, with a Bachelor of Arts  in International Business and Management.

Michael managed the logistics of delivering 100,000-mts of emergency relief food commodities for the World Food Programme post January 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

Michael is happily married since 2011 to Flor Montoya Lemke.

Philippe Biamby / Sales Manager


Philippe returned to Haiti from the United States in 1988 after spending 25 years with his family in exile from the Duvalier regime.

Upon his return to Haiti, he joined USAID in 1989 as a Food Monitor in the PL-480 Title II Program and from 1992 to September 1996, was USAID’s Logistics Officer in the same program.

Philippe joined ENMARCOLDA S.A. in October of 1996, as Sales Manager.

Philippe is also involved with other Members of his family in promoting agricultural production by reviving the 890-Acres “Plantation David,” just north of Gros Morne, Haiti, by planting mangoes, avocados and other fruit trees.

Philippe graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in January 1979 from CCNY College in New York City.

Diggan d’Adesky / Board Member & Advisor


Diggan is the President and CEO of d’Adesky Import-Export S.A., a nationwide importing and distribution company of grocery products, beer, wine and spirits, personal care and beauty products, and cleaning supplies.

He is a Member of the Board of Directors and Advisor of ENMARCOLDA S.A. and Dade Sky Trading Corporation.

For 14 years he was the Board Vice-President and Director of Laiterie Nationale S.A – LAINA (a dairy plant associated with FRANCE-LAIT).

Diggan was a Board Member of Union School for four years.

He graduated from the University of Miami in 1983 with a Bachelor of Arts in International Finance and Marketing.

Diggan is happily married since 1983 to Teresa Goosman d’Adesky and they are proud parents of a son and three daughters.